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The Nostalgia Echo Coming to a Near Future You

I’m very excited about the release of C&R’s second fiction publication and first novel. I don’t know what you may have heard about Mickey Hess from his previous eclectic writings on Hip-Hop, his memoir, Big Wheel at the Cracker Factory, or his 24-hour blurb review service at The Rumpus, but whatever it is, The Nostalgia Echo is an outstanding debut novel. When I first began reading it a little over a year ago, I was pulled in by its high-minded satire, multi-layered wit, and the boundary-pushing use of the first person narrator (the narrator went to “narrator school”). As I read on, the cultural and existential themes came into fruition and from then on, and as the plot came together, I loved it. We were all set for a December 1 release, but sometimes the editorial wheels move with less efficiency than we sometimes want and we’re now looking at a December 18 release. Anyway, it was more important that we get every last copyediting detail down right. The orders are stacking up at Small Press Distribution, and for that we’re grateful. Please don’t hesitate to hit us up directly at C&R and we’ll get you a copy for your holiday reading so hot from the press the ink will still be warm (and as some incentive we offer, as always, free shipping). Here’s a fun review that Largehearted Boy just did for it. Joe Meno, author of The Great Perhaps, and some other outstanding novels, writes, “The Nostalgia Echo is the best book you will read this year, or any year: the exact antidote to all those tired, humorless, beige-colored novels of recent memory, the writing here pops with both a dazzling intelligence and a devastating depth of character. Mr. Hess carries on in the great tradition of Vonnegut, D. Barthelme, and every other genius literary madman.”

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