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Is Joining The Grid Really Joining The Dark Side?

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you’re on the The Grid enough that it’s a safe enough bet you also have a Facebook page, perhaps a Twitter account too? Not a stretch to say you may very well have (or have had) your own website or blog? Porter Anderson discusses what it means to be on The Grid in his fabulous summary and analysis of how we should realize the power of the technology we now have access to, and how we should at least reflect on it enough to realize its harnessing power in, “‘Social’ Media: What isn’t in a name.” Who is his primary audience? Writers.

At the same time, Cory Doctorow makes an interesting case in Publisher’s Weekly (Jan. 31) (and also online) in “Digital Lysenkoism: DRM, “social DRM,” and the madness of publisher.” Why are publishers refusing to keep up with the demands of customers? Those who even know what DRM is (basically a way of tracking your e-book files in the hopes of minimizing piracy), don’t like it.

Last week, too, there was heady rush of excitement about Jonathan Franzen’s apparent fears about what ebooks are really doing to the printed word (and the irony that his own books have sold a large cache of copies in e-book formats). Of course, the general audience that are responsible for the blogs and posts and twitters are those who are pro-media and online networking. I happen to agree with the general consensus: This is another form of technology, and while it’s easy to feel a sense of fragmentation and “time suck” into the energies of the “social” media world, it’s also simply an overwhelming array of possibilities for the creative person in general, as well as for the writer in particular. As writers, I think it’s time to get over ourselves and look for new avenues to get our word(s) out there.

Where is there? Everywhere. It’s wide open. It’s up to us to seize the possibilities with aplomb (now who other than a writer would use that word like aplomb?). [More about what I love about blogging, visit the About Chad page.]

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