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I Used To Be A Sparrow’s Debut

Paperwings Records asked me to consider doing a review on the recently released debut album of italian-swedish band “I Used To Be A Sparrow.” I listened to them and was impressed enough to agree to help spread the word in the form of this small post. The duo is getting some really nice feedback about their debut single “Life is good,” whose video premiered ealier this month on MTV New Generation.
I Used To Be A Sparrow is a unique blend between the powerful impact of an arena rock act and the urgency and dirt of a garage band, with a fondness for heartfelt songs. Dick Pettersson and Andrea Caccese definitely know how to stay busy. The former has been rocking the swedish indie music scene with acclaimed alt-rock group “In These Woods,” and the latter is an italian-born songwriter who has been gaining recognition all over Europe as “Songs For The Sleepwalkers.”
The pair teamed up in December 2011 to create something new and exciting. The ideas and songs that were brought up to the table eventually turned into a full length album. “Luke” is a collection of 11 songs heading in different directions while sharing a common watermark thanks to the band’s straight forward  approach.
You can download the full album promo HERE or stream on SPOTIFY.
To see their video click here

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