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Delayed Happiness

images-7Hanging Chad had a radio interview on Chattanooga’s local NPR station (88.1) yesterday. Mike Miller and I sat down for over 30 minutes, and he’s edited two segments to air on Around and About. This is a clip of the first one, which is about taking some leaps of faith in my personal and professional life. Miller’s editing focuses a lot of my relationship with Shelley, and a little on the development of my debut novel. It’s all good though. The book is dedicated to my “Director of Happiness,” and it’s not coming out in published form for quite some time yet. Plenty of time to discuss it at greater length down the road.

Hanging Chad posts have slowed a bit this week while I’ve been trying on my new jet pack. Also, I’m in the grand finale stages of completing this final draft of The Director of Happiness. Plenty of other things going on, which I’m sure my readers know all about in their own lives. I won’t bore you with the details. Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned for new and exciting posts featuring high speed rail, the BAM movement in jazz, how studies show the rich behave differently (and what you can do about it), starting with the “why,” and much much more.

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