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Narrow Your Vision, the Rest Will Follow

I get it. Niche yourself. I’ve heard that. Heard it a lot in fact. It’s become the new trend in branding and marketing lingo. And, you know, I think that really works for some people. Okay, I guess it could work well for everyone. It’s just a lot easier for some people to do their one thing at a super-awesome level than it is for others. Maybe that’s the key for people who become world class experts at something. They have the drive and tunnel-vision to put in their 10,000 hours, to do their one thing at the highest possible level.

On the other hand, there are people like me who find lots of things interesting, fascinating, maybe even are passionate enough about to stay involved in, keep thinking and learning and writing about. But that could be an easy excuse for us “generalists.” Anyone who dabbles could call himself a Renaissance Man. Is there a Renaissance Woman? Well, if there isn’t, there should be. See? It’s this very kind of digression that gets me into trouble.

The view is beautiful from here…

I think the thinking about narrowing your vision has a good point. Jeff Hoffman makes a really succinct and effective case for the power of narrowing your vision. For me, it’s always been a lot easier said than done. Just look at Hanging Chad content! You’ve got your Trends and Culture, your Book Reviews, your New Zoo Music Review, and so much more. Clearly, I’m not niched enough. One source that’s been validating is writer and blogger Joe Negroni’s perspective. He points out that it’s okay to have some breadth, but to make sure to remember for each given category you’re forming an audience, so you have to keep up with each given topic. Not only keep up, but provide relevant and compelling content.

There’s a lot of ways people interpret the concept of narrowing your vision. It’s a good thing sometimes. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it means establishing yourself as an artist, or an entrepreneur. At others, it’s used as a curse. As in the biblical aphorism, don’t let fear “narrow your vision.” As in, not having a broad perspective.

If you can find that sweet spot between being yourself, and hunkering down in your niche and tapping into the passion that comes from doing your one thing better than anyone else, then, “oh the places you’ll go.

Meantime, relax. No need to get stressed about not finding the niche right away. Maybe you’ll get more creative if you just back away from forcing it. Go in the directions you love. Maybe some of the fat will trim away on its own. Here’s a song to help you do just that. “They Might Be Giants” singing “Don’t Narrow Your Eyes.” Those guys were so clever! They deserve some New Zoo Music Review love.

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