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So Much Depends upon a Good Book Cover

Book designers give form to content. They gives readers a first hand impression of what they are about to enter into. A designer manages a very careful balance. You don’t want to be redundant and show and tell. You basically want to show if you’re Chip Kidd. Some small presses may have a signature designer, but in the transitional period that C&R is currently experiencing, we’re working with a variety of designers. We work with designers from top notch New York design firms to sharp college interns to artists and artist-writers who have graphic design skills.

Sometimes these designers are behind the scenes. I think a little too behind the scenes.

As we grow and develop, I would love to see a very open line-up of C&R titles, and the designers behind them. I’m dreaming a little here, but wouldn’t it be cool if the authors got to choose who they wanted to work with? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a designer work for a piece of the book’s royalty, as a kind of investment in the book itself? Who knows, but it’s a crucial part of the process, of the book as a work of art.

Do we lose something with e-books? As with all technology leaps, yes. Quite a lot, in fact. There’s plenty to gained and the sky’s still the limit, though. And book design remains a crucial part of the book publishing industry. For a hilarious and informative few minutes, just check out this cool Ted Talk from Chip Kidd, one of the most famous book designers today. The video below has had well over half a million views. Be a part of the movement!

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