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Touch the Snake: David Kelley on the “Necessary Inner Belief”

Whatever it is you’re trying to create, David Kelley says, ‘Let your ideas fly. Touch the snake.’

+IDEO founder David Kelley, who fought cancer, won, and came out transformed to share his message, has some powerful thoughts on creativity. His ideas are infectious, just check out the TedTalk below. We have the power to shape our happiness, it’s one of the great unharnessed “secrets” we all possess. It’s also a part of his message for Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All.

It’s been my experience that no matter how outwardly successful we are in our creative pursuits we will continue to feel others’ judgment, which can also manifest as self-judgment, that infamous inner critic. I sure do, often from my friends who share the same creative pursuits. Many creative types seem to be fueled by playing the game I’ll Show You. Many sensitive creative types it’s a way to recharge their inner belief and fight the (self)judgment.

David Kelley puts a positive spin on developing the necessary inner belief. I’ve found recently that my own self-efficacy comes from identification with¬†historical personalities, and also by making connections with successful people who move ahead boldly, who are not afraid to reveal themselves or their ideas. I’m reminded of Christopher Hitchens’ now famous statement, which he pronounced three days before learning of his esophageal cancer, to “try to write as if posthumously.

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