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about hanging chad


Who is Hanging Chad?

Hanging Chad’s mission is to provide you provocative ideas on productivity, innovation, and creativity. The sources of these ideas come from a wide array of visionaries and big thinkers in art, philosophy, psychology, literature, design, history, technology, spirituality, science, and more. Innovators, believers, inspirers, and doers from a cross-disciplinary container.

Hanging Chad is the chaff of Chad Prevost, author, teacher, community collaborator and celebrator. You might say Hanging Chad became a star in the presidential campaign of 2000 when he was referred to as hanging, swinging, dimpled, and pregnant, but no. He was always hanging. Chad is related to chit and chaff, meaning small residue. He hopes that the connective tissue of his readers and the big chadandshelleyoutfrontideas and opinions he highlights will be a combinatorial creative process that leads to bigger things for everyone.

Chad’s current writing and business adventure is Game Time Books, LLC, formed with illustrator, cover designer, and web developer extraordinaire, Brian Woodlief.

Always open to ANYTHING writing-related. Hit me with ideas, projects, challenges, or any other questions you may have. Find me on Twitter @chadprevost


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