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Be Honest and Unmerciful: Philip Seymour’s All-Time Scenes Top 5 and Why

This is a special Top 5, equipped with a Top 5 right behind. In other words, this could have easily been a Top 10, but no double-albums here. Only ifs and buts, no beer and nuts.

Big role or small, good guy or bad, Hoffman’s talent, craft and discipline was always there. Shamefully not on the list? Several episodes from the Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. You gotta be unmerciful and stop somewhere. Also exceptional, the order is without words. The scenes do the explaining.

The Second Top 5:

10. The Talented Mr. Ripley

9. The Big Lebowsky

8. Moneyball

7. Punch Drunk Love

6. Boogie Nights

The Top 5:

5. Charlie Wilson’s War

4. Capote

3. Doubt

2. The Master

1. Almost Famous

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